About Us Mobile Leather Repairs:

Mobile Leather Repairs UK is a leather expert with over 20 years of experience in the leather repair industry. Many of the leading leather brands have trained and worked with us, including Multi Master, Leather Master, Gliptone Leather Care, Furniture Clinic, Smart Express, Professional Leather, Leather Repair Company, Norsol, Nuera, Viper Leather Products, and many more. Because of the skills and experience he has gained working with other master leather craftsmen over the last two decades, he can offer high-end repairs and results you can rely on time after time.

New Era Of Repairing Leather:

Leather repairs and renovation techniques have come a long way over the years. In the past when leather was damaged, it was very rare to find a repair company that could do more than patch the damaged spot. New products, skills and techniques have changed the face of leather repair. Now when your leather is damaged, you can have Leather Furniture repair onsite in the UK to look as good as new. And when you trust the UK’s leather expert at Mobile Leather Repairs, you can have the work done right in your home.

Our Team members of the Mobile Leather Repairs team are happy to travel to your home or place of work to provide On Site Repair Services in Norfolk on all types of leather repair. We offer expert service that is second to none. No matter how minor or major your leather repairs may be, we’ll come to you equipped with all the tools and products needed to get your leather back to its former glory.

Leather Repair Spalding
Leather Repair Spalding

Mobile Leather Repairs offers you the skills and knowledge of a leading leather expert right where you need them. We have the expertise to handle all sorts of repairs on leather furniture, cars, and even classic cars. Don’t trust anyone less than the best with your precious leather. When you trust the Mobile Leather Repairs team, you’ll get friendly service and high-quality repairs for all your leather.


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