Aniline Leather

Aniline Leather is one of the most natural leathers you can purchase, its very soft to the touch and has lots of natural characteristics. If aniline leather is maintained correctly using the correct maintenance products you can have many years of life from it.Here today we were called on a 3str sofa which due to not being maintained and being in the direct light of the sun you can see large areas of colour fade. This even though it looks likes a major repair and that the sofa has seen better days our leather repair team can restore a item like this back to a like new condition in 1 – 2 hours, there is no need for your furniture to be taken away and they is no need for a service of this type to take days. This all comes down to the products being used the technics and the level of competence from the leather repairs company.

Leather Repairs Spalding
Leather Repairs Spalding

We start by removing the cushions and apply a light aniline leather cleaner around all the leathered areas drawing out the dirt and applying some moister back in to the leather.Once the leather has been cleaned you are able to proceed with treating the stained areas, it is important that the stained areas are treated correctly of these will cause the repairs to fail in the long term.Now we can mix the correct aniline dyes to match the current leather colour, we do this on site we do not use machines or take samples away from site and get someone else to mix the colours for us. This is our trade this is what we have been trained to do.Once the colour has been mixed we apply a base coat by hand using our aniline leather dye and a cloth, making sure the colour reaches in to all the crevasses in the leather, the base coat only requires being a light coat but must cover all the work areas.Now we can apply a final top coat of aniline leather dye adding a small percent of lacquer in the dye to give the finish some protection. Aniline leather does not normally have a top finish but when restoring it is always good to add a extra layer of finish to allow for a lasting repair.The repair has been completed the sofa now looks as it should all the customer needs to do now is maintain the furniture to keep the sofa looking like new.

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