Bmw Leather Restoration

Our latest mobile leather repairs project was on the driver’s seat of a 2009 BMW X5. The owner called Mobile Leather Repairs when the worn leather on the seat bolster reached the point where a hole in the leather appeared. The entire driver’s seat was very worn and in need of expert care. Our team took on this BMW leather renovation on site to maintain the value and style of this luxury car.The hole worn on the driver’s seat was not the only problem that needed repairs, but it was the biggest problem. There was also a lot of wear on the upright bolster of the seat that needed care to prevent a hole from forming there as well. The first step in this BMW leather renovation was to deep clean the entire seat. The Mobile Leather Repairs team used a strong leather cleaner to remove dirt and grime to prepare the leather for the repairs to follow.With the leather surface clean, the Mobile Leather Repairs team cut and glued a sub patch to begin to fill the hole in the leather. We used layers of leather filler to fill in the hole, drying between layers with a hair dryer. Once the hole was filled in to match the surrounding leather, the seat was ready for colour.The final stage of this BMW leather renovation was to add colour to the repaired patch as well as the worn leather. The Mobile Leather Repairs team applied a base coat of colour by hand to ensure thorough coating deep into the fibres of the leather. When that coat was dry, more colour was applied with an airbrush. This gave a smooth, even coat to the entire seat, fully hiding the repaired damage. The job was finished with a coat of leather sealant to prevent colour transfer and protect the repairs from future damage.After getting the driver’s seat of the owners precious BMW back in shape, the Mobile Leather Repairs team left him with tips and advice on how best to care for the leather to prevent future damage, as well as where to purchase the best leather care products for his car.