Bmw M3 Leather Restoration

The Mobile Leather Repairs team recently took on a BMW M3 leather renovation. The owner got in touch with us to address damage on the driver’s seat. This high end car was fitted with lush red leather, but over time the simple act of getting in and out of the car had caused major wear on the driver’s seat. The owner trusted our team to repair his leather and restore it to look as good as when it was brand new.

The first step in our BMW M3 leather renovation was to clean the entire seat. Over the years, dirt and body oils had built up on the surface. We used special brushes to work a strong leather cleaner deep into the grain of the leather to remove all traces of dirt and grime. Deep scratches were rubbed out to provide a smooth surface for repairs.

Once the surface of the leather was clean, dry and smooth our mobile leather repairs team could move on to the colour stage of this BMW M3 leather renovation. We applied a base coat of leather colour by hand. Working in circle motions, we applied the colour deep into the pores of the leather, along the grain. When that coat was dry, we finished the colour work with an airbrush for smooth, even coating to restore the car’s leather to its former glory.

The final step in our BMW M3 leather renovation was to apply a lacquer to the entire driver’s seat. This coats the leather to seal in the colour and protect the repairs from damage in the future. Lacquer also provides a glossy finish to the finished leather, just like that of brand new leather.

To protect the newly repaired leather in this BMW M3, the Mobile Leather Repairs team left the happy owner with tips on how to care for the leather in his restored car. We offered advice on techniques to clean and care for the leather, as well as where to buy the best leather care products.