Broken Arm

Broken ArmLeather repair do not only just complete work on leather we are a all round company completing all aspects of furniture repairs.Today we were called on a customer to undertake repairs to their broken arm on there 2str sofa.When the manufactures make furniture they use a Fibre board/Cardboard to shape the arms, during the use of your furniture due to our seating habits sometime too much pressure can be applied to these areas causing for the boards to break away leaving you with a broken arm. Over 95% of our repairs are undertaken in the customers home causing less downtime of the furniture leaving for a quicker repair, most repairs like this can be completed in under a hour.We start by removing the arm from the sofa so we can get to the arm cover. Once the arm has been removed the

is unstapled from the frame showing the damage of the broken arm.img_1366Now we have full access to the arm we remove the broken arm fiberboard, which then leaves us with the frame ready to start work on. We start applying webbing straps front to the back of the arm at full tension and then some support straps from left to right.The arm is now fully repaired and is much stronger than when made from the factory, if you now apply to much pressure to the arm the webbing will allow the arm to bounce back rather than break again.

Broken Arm Webbing Repair
Fully Repaired Broken Arm

The arm now is bolted back on to the sofa and the customer has many more years of use.Need help with a Leather

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