Car Leather Repairs By Professionals:

Your car is your pride and joy, and the leather interior is the crowning jewel. When the leather in your car gets damaged, you don’t have to pay the pricey fees that your dealer will charge to replace or repair your leather. At Car Leather Repairs, we offer full seat restoration service for your car at low prices.

You use your car on a daily basis. Over time, even the most gently used and well-cared-for leather can suffer damage from small accidents or daily wear and tear. Damage to the leather inside your car can detract from your car’s value, as well as spoil the stylish look you loved so much when you first bought it. Car Leather Repairs in Cambridge is the best way to maintain your car’s value and beauty.

Steps Involved With Car Leather Seat Repair:

There are 4 steps that will turn your old car leather into new. Auto Dye Removal Service in Norfolk provides you with great service.

  • Deep Clean And Prep Surface: Preparation is an essential part of any leather renovation process before any leather restoration can take place. To provide the best working surface, we first deep clean all surfaces and remove any existing seal finish.
  • Repair Existing Damage: The surface of the leather almost always has some pre-existing damage from general use and tear and wear. Scratches, scuffs, nicks, and the like are unavoidable. Before applying any colour to the leather, we will repair and fill as needed* (*repair results will vary according to the extent of the issue – we will discuss this with you before any repairs take place).
  • Apply New Colour: Now comes the exciting part! The new leather surface colour is being applied. Depending on the logistics of the area in which we are working on your item, we will apply leather colour using a combination of spray, roller, and sponge.
  • Apply Factory Seal: After applying several coats of leather dye, the surface must be sealed to protect the leather. The seal is identical to the one used at the factory. You can select from matt to gloss finishes.

Resale Value:

Have you thought about how much depreciation your car receives for having a worn or damaged interior? For a small cost, we can provide the complete Auto Repair Services in Norfolk.
to your car seats or complete a full renovation which will add value to your car which means more money in the bank. The first thing a prospective buyer would see when looking inside your car is the worn and damaged bolster, when there is no damage, there is no bartering on price.

Almost every car trader would restore a car seat pro to the car being up for sale to generate a higher return on their investment.

Sabb Leather Renovation:

Sabb 2006 Aero Convertable which was showing signs of wear and tear, we completed a full interior renovation on these seats bringing the interior back to a like-new condition all ready for the summer sun.

Car Stitching Repairs:
Volvo XC90 Seat-

The passenger seat on this Volvo XC90 Seat had the airbag deployed causing the whole seam to become unstitched. The customer had purchased a replacement air bag which they fitted and required us to re-seam the leather. This repair was completed on-site by hand stitching, we were not required to take the seat away for repairs.

Porsche Seat Refurb:

The customer has asked for Porsche Seat Refurb Services. Porsche seats which were starting to show signs of wear and tear over the years, the seats were fully deep cleaned, leather prepped to remove the manufacturer finish, colour restored, and sealed to finish.