Colour Restore

Mobile leather repairs specialise in colour restore, we are leaders in our field there is no leather finish we cannot restore no leather colour we cannot match.

When leather starts to loose it’s colour it can start to look old before its time. The art to keeping the colour in your leather is the correct cleaning and protecting of the leather.

When restoring the colour back in to the leather we follow some simple but effective procedures. This will not only restore the colour in your leather we will re seal the leather and advise you of the further maintenance required to keep your leather in tip top condition.

Step 1

We start by deep cleaning the leather using a mild leather cleaner using a Tampico brush to reach in to those hard to reach places, by using the brush you can pull all the dirt which are in the pours of the leather.

Step 2 

Clean the area to be colour restored with a leather prep to remove the top coat which will allow the new leather dye to penetrate the leather.

Step 3

Apply a coat of leather dye by hand using a cloth, this allows the dye to reach in to the grain, this gives a good bond for the next coat to adhere to.

Step 4

Top coat is evenly applied using a airbrush which is feathered out giving a nice and uniformed finish.

Step 5

Replenish the sealant, a new series of top coat sealants are applied to match the existing finish.

Now the repairs have been completed we advise to leave the finish for 72 hours for the repairs to fully cure.  The leather now colour restored is ready to use.

Leather maintenance is key, you require a good leather cleaner and leather protection cream to keep your leather in great condition.