Transform your faded leather into Clean and colourful leather:

Are you looking for colour restoration services? Then, your search is over now. Mobile Leather Repairs specialises in full colour restoration service in Norfolk, we are experts in our field, there is no leather that we cannot restore and no leather colour, we cannot match. When leather starts to lose its colour, it starts to look old before its time. The art of keeping the colour in your leather is the correct cleaning and protecting of the leather. We provide professional service that is ideal for both commercial and residential customers with our first-rate customer service, competitive costs and unwavering quality.

Steps we follow to restore your leather colour:

To restore the faded leather colour, we followed some simple but effective procedures to make the whole thing new as it was. This will not only restore the colour in your leather, but we will also re-seal the leather. For your reference, we have mentioned brief steps of leather sofa colour restoration service:

Step 1:
We start by deep cleaning the leather using a mild leather cleaner using a Tampico brush to reach into those hard-to-reach places, by using the brush you can pull all the dirt which are in the pores of the leather.

Step 2:
Clean the area to be colour restored with a leather prep to remove the top coat which will allow the new leather dye to penetrate the leather.

Step 3:
Apply a coat of leather dye by hand using a cloth, this allows the dye to reach into the grain, this gives a good bond for the next coat to adhere to.

Step 4:
The top coat is evenly applied using an airbrush which is feathered out giving a nice and uniform finish.

Step 5:
To replenish the sealant, a new series of top coat sealants are applied to match the existing finish.

This is how our whole colour restoration process is going on.

How do our services vary from others?

Millions of users rely on Mobile Leather Repairs for their Leather Clean and Colour Restoration needs. Our skilled technicians specialise in restoring the colour of all types of leather products. You can visit – to check out our different services and you can also connect with us at – 07871765011 to discuss your needs, and we will give you an idea of how much the work will cost.