Know, how Mobile Leather Repairs Re-Frame your broken furniture:

A Furniture does not necessarily need to be replaced because its castors, legs, or feet are broken or missing. These components are undoubtedly replaceable or repairable. Mobile Leather Repairs offers all types of Furniture frame repairs UK from Broken Spring Rails, Broken Centre Beams, and Broken Arm Rails to Broken Castor Block, we have experienced professionals with the overall skills and knowledge to undertake all these repairs in your home. Moreover, a recliner wooden structure, as well as upholstered or wooden headboards, can be repaired.

Re-frame services:

Wooden furniture and frames are frequently salvageable, even when severely damaged by fire, flood, or woodworm. Our professional craftsmen work diligently to restore your old, damaged, or historical furniture using their expert knowledge of a wide range of furniture restoration procedures.

Our repairs to furniture or frames include:

  • Spring units and springs.
  • Castor blocks that are broken are replaced.
  • Only slight frame damage.
  • Structural alterations.
  • Scuffs, scratches, and dents in laminate, veneer, and wood were removed.
  • Fixing or changing damaged arms, legs, or entire frames.

Even if your leather furniture is affected badly by fire, flood or woodworm, leather or wooden furniture and frames can often be saved. Using our expert knowledge, we provide a wide range of Furniture Frame damage repair UK services in different techniques. Our specialist craftsmen work hard to restore your worn, damaged or vintage furniture.

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Mobile Leather Repairs is the one-stop shop for all aspects of furniture repair. We have over 20 years of experience in furniture repairs for domestic customers, furniture stores, furniture manufacturers and furniture warranty companies. In the future, if you need any On-Site Repair Services in Norfolk feel free to contact us at 07871765011 or else you can submit the given form along with your enquiry. Once we get notice, we will provide you with our free online quotation and as per your specified time, our technician will visit your home and complete the quoted repair.

leather mobi frame repair
leather mobi frame repair