Professional Leather Cleaning By Experts:

Has your leather lost some of the beauty and shine that it had when you first bought it? Do your leather sofas, chairs or car seats look dingy or tired in spots where they are most used? While you may just blame this on your leather aging over time, often the real cause is dirt and body oils building up on your leather’s surface. Cleaning of leather sofas UK by experts can renew your leather to its former glory. Trust the leather care experts at Mobile Leather Repairs to undertake your Leather Cleaning.

Process Of Cleaning Leather:

  • Pre-Inspection: We will inspect your leather furniture before we begin cleaning to make sure it’s secure to clean. We will go over any areas of concern you have and inform you of any pre-existing damage, wear and tear.
  • Vacuum: Before utilising any leather cleaners, we pre-vacuum with a plastic tool within and around crevasses, seams, and other areas to remove loose soiling and debris.
  • Apply Cleaner: Cleaner is then applied by hand to all surfaces using our soft but extremely effective leather upholstery cleaner. We will reapply as needed until we are satisfied that all soiling has been removed from each panel.
  • Apply Conditioner: Once we are confident that all dirt has been eliminated, we apply our proficient leather safety cream to ensure that the leather remains supple and will not crack or dry out.

With On-Site Leather Cleaning available in UK Mobile Leather repairs, we offer expert leather care to renew the leather in your home or car, and prolong its life. As dirt coats your leather over time, it can actually begin to damage the fibres of your leather, which can result in worn or ripped leather. Save yourself a pricey leather repair and call our team for quality leather cleaning before the damage occurs.We use only the best leather cleaning products on the market today.

How clean is your leather?


Our Sofa Repairs by Experts in Norfolk know that not all jobs require the same treatment. We use a wide range of products that are all safe and gentle for your leather while providing great results against dirt, oils, spills and stains. All of the products used at Mobile Leather Repairs to undertake your Leather Cleaning are tested to give you great results without any damage to your precious leather. We have over 20 years of leather cleaning experience, so you can count on us to get it right, every time.

Before & After Of Leather Cleaning:

The Customer’s sofa set was starting to show its age with a build-up of dirt and grime, our mobile leather technician attended the customer’s home and undertook the full leather clean to remove the years of dirt and grime, colour restored the worn areas and re-sealed. The customer’s suite is now ready for many more years of use at a fraction of the cost of a replacement suite. We undertake Leather Cleaning service UK on all leather items such as Furniture, Car Seats, Bags and Coats. For more information and to get a free quotation just ring us at 07871765011.