Leather Sofa Repair

Has your leather sofa been damaged by a mishap or heavy use? Don’t throw it away or start saving for a new sofa just yet. For over 20 years, Mobile Leather repairs has offered expert sofa repairs on sofas of all sizes and shapes. Save your sofa and your money when your trust our master craftsmen to restore your sofa to its former glory.

At Mobile Leather repairs, our team of sofa repairs experts uses the best methods and techniques to provide all types of quality sofa repairs. We offer a onsite mobile service where we undertake the repairs in your home Our experts will also be happy to offer you helpful advice on how to keep your sofa in great shape for years to come.

In a time when so many of our goods are quickly disposed of and replaced, Mobile Leather Repairs takes pride in saving your precious leather from the landfill. You spent a lot of time and money to get just the right leather sofa for your home. When it gets broken or damaged, trust our team for sofa repairs to get it as good as new, or better.

No matter what is wrong with your sofa, you can trust our sofa repairs experts to put it right. We have over 20 years of experience in all types of sofa repairs, and can quickly assess and repair any damage to your leather sofa. We work hard to keep all our clients happy, providing friendly, helpful service at prices you’ll love.

Don’t let damage to your sofa mean the end of its life. Call our team at Mobile Leather Repairs today to discuss your sofa repairs or book a home visit. We’ll have your sofa repaired and looking as good as new in no time – you’ll be glad you called.

Leather Peeling

Customer has a 3str which two panels on the rhf seat cushion has started to peel showing the raw leather on the underside, the seat cushion has been cleaned to remove any dirt or debris from the leather, once cleaned we apply a leather solvent cleaner to remove the top layer of the pigment. Once cleaned the cover is applied two coats of leather dye by hand, once dry we apply a final coat of leather dye by airbrush to get a nice uniformed finish. Finished with a nice new coat of lacquer.

Leather Tear Repair

Customer has a 2str sofa which the lhf seat cushion has a tear caused by a stiletto shoe when they had a family party. Mobile Leather Repairs was called in to complete a cosmetic repair. We started by cleaning the seat cushion to remove any dirt or debris from the leather, once we had cleaned the leather we glued in a sub patch to the underside of the leather gluing the tear back in to place. We then applied a brown leather filler to fill the gap where the tear once building up in thin layers until there is no more gapping. To finish we apply two coats of leather dye and three coats of leather sealant.