Is your firm in need of an expert leather repairs team to provide on-site leather repair service to your valued clients? Are you looking for a team you can trust to maintain the high standards buyers have come to expect from you? Look no further than Mobile Leather Repairs. Our team is made up of highly skilled and trained leather craftsmen who are ready to take on any job for your clients.

Are you a repair firm that needs the help of trained leather experts from time to time? Do you sell or make leather furniture, and need a repair team you can trust to keep your clients happy? Count on Mobile Leather Repairs. We offer contract services to repair teams, retailers and leather manufacturers across the UK.

Mobile Leather Repairs makes it simpler than ever for you to go the extra mile for your clients. With our contract leather repair service, you retain all contact with your client. You arrange what they need, and when they need it. Our team will travel to their homes or offices equipped with all the tools and products needed to bring new life to tired or damaged leather. All receipts to clients are issued under your brand.

Our team can even wear your branded uniforms to put your clients more at ease, knowing they are dealing with a trusted business, rather than an unknown team. Keep your buyers happy and build your reputation for complete service without the extra hassle and cost of keeping leather craftsmen full time on your payroll. Mobile Leather Repairs is there when you need us.

Any Job, Any Place

No job is too big or too small for the experts at Mobile Leather Repairs. Our on-site leather repair service can include any job, from taking care of minor scuffs and stains to bringing new life to leather that has been badly ripped or torn. We offer deep cleaning, colour touch ups and a full range of top-notch leather repairs. You can trust us to restore your clients’ leather to its former glory.

At Mobile Leather Repairs, we have a network of leather craftsmen across the UK. No matter where you are, or where your clients live, we can provide on-site leather repair service from one of our experts. You don’t have to worry about making your valued customers wait for ages for someone to travel to them, or asking them to lug their damaged or dated leather to a shop for repairs. Trust our team for expert repairs and prompt, friendly service.

We know that high-end work is vital to help you maintain your standards. That’s why our repairs teams use only the best leather care products, tools and tested techniques on each job we take on. Our leather repair service employs only highly skilled craftsmen who are trained to work with all types of leather sofas, chairs and car seats. We have what it takes to keep your clients’ leather looking and feeling like new.

Get in Touch with Mobile Leather Repairs

Go the extra mile for to keep your customers happy, and save yourself the expense of hiring and training a leather repair service team. Let Mobile Leather Repairs take on all your leather repair needs. We’ll work as a part of your own team. It’s simple to set up a contract, and makes it easy to offer the best service.

Don’t refer your clients to an outside firm that you can’t trust. When you partner with Mobile Leather Repairs for leather repair service, you retain total control over your client care. You can schedule repair visits, and issue receipts, and all warranties on our work are with you, so you can be sure that each repair is done to the highest standard.

Let Mobile Leather Repairs provide your team with the expert leather repair service your clients need. Your customers will get the repairs and care needed to keep their leather looking and feeling like new, and you’ll get all the credit for it. Get in touch with us today to discuss what we can do for you.