Leather Stain Guard


The Leather Stainguard protector spray is an amazing water and stain repellent – it also prevents mould growth on your leather or fabric surfaces, furniture, handbag, or car seats. Protect your leather surface before its too late.

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Leather Stain Guard 250ml

 Leather Stain guard helps minimise the risk of stains to your leather surface, protect the natural beauty of leather.  Leather Stain Guard also protects fabrics.Benefits:

  • Handy pump spray for easy application
  • Prevents the growth of mildew or mould on your leather or fabric
  • Prevents & repels stains caused by liquids or dye transfer
  • Maintains the breathability of your leather or fabric
  • Replaces & restores water repellent surfaces
  • Prolongs the life of your fabric, canvas, or leather

 Unprotected very porous items may require more applications to provide an initial protective surface, then simply top up in the future when required.  Leather Stain Guard can be used on your furniture, car seats, bags and coats, anything leather can be coated with Leather Stain Guard.

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