Sofa Re padding

Mobile leather repair are experts in our field, we are local furniture repair specialists offering a mobile sofa re padding service in your home.

Most furniture require there sofa Re pading after periods of use the cushions start to soften and dip causing the sofa seats uncomfortable to sit on, we provide a sofa Re pading service which we are able to re pad, seat cushions, back cushions and arm cushion.

Our mobile services means the furniture stays in you home and our mobile service technician will come to you home to undertake the repairs.

Seat Repading

Over 80% of sofa seat cushions are filled with a foam, by Repading your sofa seat cushions we add paddling to your excisting cushion by re adding its support.  We use a Rx 39 foam for Repading seats this is a firm grade foam which will not allow further settlement in the seat cushions.  Repadding is guaranteed to restore the comfort to your furniture giving your furniture a new lease of life.

We do also offer a seat cushion replacement service which each new cushion is custom made for you, when we supply new seat cushions we use a reflex 400 memory foam, these are the rolls Royce of seat cushions.  Our suppliers only supplier the highest quality foam all made by quality manufacture no cheap imported products.

Back and arm padding

Over 80% of back and arm cushions are filled with a fibre filled cushion, we are able to offer a Repading service by adding extra fibre to the current cushions to re fill bring the cushion back to the original comfort.  This service is done completely on site by our mobile service technicians who have many years of service under there belt.

How it works

The dust cover which is on the underside of the sofa is removed giving the service technician access to all parts of the sofa enabling them to undertake the re padding of the relevant section. This will enable the technician to add extra fibre foam to the relevant area and boosting the padding in the areas required. This enables the cushions to be back to there original comfort.

50/50 Sofa seat re padded

Leather mobi sofa repadding
Back sofa cushion Re padded
50/50 Sofa seat re padded