Stitch your leather sofa at your home:

Do not be concerned if a leather-upholstered chair or sofa has a split seam. All you need is a heavy-duty upholstery thread, heavy-duty scissors, needle-nose pliers, and possibly a thimble. Upholstery thread is essential since the normal thread will break while being cinched. The whole stitching process is easy to say, but for many of you it is the most vulnerable thing to do. So to remove the hindrance, Mobile Leather Repairs provides Stitching Repairs Services for all types of leather furniture or sofas.

Types of stitching repairs:

Here at Mobile Leather Repairs, we offer two types of stitching repair services such as:

  • Hand Stitching:

Hand Stitching is completed using a specialist curved upholstery needle which is used so we can complete invisible sewing on site at your home or place of work, hand sewing enables us to re-sew burst stitching using the original seam holes we can undertake seamless sewing repairs. This is our most popular choice as it can be undertaken on one visit and is considerably cheaper than the machine repair option.

  • Machine Stitching:

We would visit your home to remove the faulty cover which requires stitching, our upholstery technician will remove the cover by un-upholstering the cover, the cover will be returned to our workshop where our machinist will undertake the Machine Stitching repairs UK. Once the repairs have been undertaken the cover will be returned to your home and refitted to your furniture.

Want Stitching Repairs at your home?

Think about your expensive sofa seat padding stitching service. We want to be your first choice when you need the best stitching repair service. For detailed information, you can get in touch with us at – 07871765011 or visit our reliable website – to see more about our services.

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