We Follow 8 easy steps to Tear Repair your leather seat:

Mobile Leather Repairs offers an onsite Furniture tear repair service. Tear repairs are always best to have repaired as soon as they appear, they make for a stronger and more effective for longevity of leather. For that reason, we always use the best leather repair products and treatments enabling us to undertake long and lasting leather tear repairs.

How to Repair a Tear in Your Leather Seat: A Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Find out how we simply repair the whole tear repair process, keep reading!

Step 1:
We start by deep cleaning the leather using a mild leather cleaner using a Tampico brush to reach into those hard-to-reach places, by using the brush you can pull all the dirt which are in the pores of the leather.

Step 2:
Clean the area to be repaired with a leather prep to remove the top coat which will allow the new leather dye to penetrate the leather.

Step 3:
Apply a sub-patch material to the underside of the tear being sure to make sure you have an inch of spare sub-patch material around the whole of the tear.

Step 4:
Apply an even coat of leather glue to the underside of the tear pulling the tear together, and using a hair dryer to cure the glue.

Step 5:
Apply a small amount of leather filler to the remainder of the area to fill any voids caused by the tear, this is also cured by using a hair dryer.

Step 6:
Apply a coat of leather dye by hand using a cloth, this allows the dye to reach into the grain, this gives a good bond for the next coat to adhere to.

Step 7:
The top coat is evenly applied using an airbrush which is feathered out giving a nice and uniform finish.

Step 8:  
To replenish the sealant, a new series of top coat sealants are applied to match the existing finish.

Now the leather tear repair service has been completed successfully, we advise you to leave the repaired part for 72 hours to fully cure.

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