Know how we resolve webbing repair problems:

Mobile Leather Repairs specialise in all aspects of leather repairs and furniture repairs, we provide Furniture Webbing Repairs Services UK on-site with no need for the furniture to be removed from your home. Below, we have mentioned two examples of webbing repairs that have been undertaken both in the customer’s home and it will just take 1-2 hours to complete the whole process.


Ercol webbing

Our few webbing projects:

  • First, we got the Ercol 3str Sofa which the seat base webbing has started to fail, the original webbing is the long standing Pirelli webbing which has lasted for over 20 years, over time the pirelli webbing starts to lose its stretch and goes hard and brittle which then causes the webbing to start to break and fail. Then, we start by removing the old Pirelli webbing so we have a clean base frame to start with, we do not try to save any of the old webbing we are aiming for a whole new base. Once stripped we start by inserting new cut to size elastic webbing straps which are attached to the frame using staples. Once the new webbing straps have been re-tensioned and fitted the sofa base is ready to use for many more years.
  • Then, we repaired another Leather 3str Sofa that has started to over stretch which has caused the webbing to get caught on frame and start to tear. We have started by removing the dust cover on the sofa, once the dust cover has been removed, it allows useful access to the seating pan. After that, we remove the seating pan which is held in place by 12 12m fixing bolts, once this section is removed. Now we peel back the leather and move the seat foams which leaves us with the webbing base. Once the webbing process has finished we re-build, re-fitting the seat foams and leather cover, re-bolting the seating unit back into the frame and reattaching the dust cover.

This is how we timely manage and complete the overall work of Leather Webbing Repairs in Nottinghamshire in a systematic manner in front of every customer.

leather Sofa Webbing

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